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This web site is supported (for at least 4 months since the last revision indicated below) by Valeri Markushin. Please, report any related problems to Valeri.Markushin@psi.ch.
A number of tools was used to create this web site, and we are especially grateful to the authors of the following products:

  • 1st Page 2000 v.2.00 (HTML/script editor) from Evrsoft.
  • Perl by Larry Wall and ActivePerl (build 522) from ActiveState Tool Corp.
  • LaTeX2HTML 99.1 release (March 30, 1999); original version by: Nikos Drakos, CBLU, University of Leeds; revised and updated by: Marcus Hennecke, Ross Moore, Herb Swan; with significant contributions from: Jens Lippmann, Marek Rouchal, Martin Wilck and others.
  • Ulead GIF Animator Lite 1.0 from Ulead Systems, Inc.

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