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Laboratory and floor space.

For the measurement with the ECR source a special arrangement is necessary. An ideally suited space is available and reserved for our experiment in the NA hall. This hall has the same radiation safety restrictions as the pion areas which is necessary as the ECR source represents a rather strong X-ray source. In contact with the coordinator of the NA hall also an electronic barack has been foreseen.

For the measurement at the \( \pi E5\) channel an electronics barack should be placed as close to the experiment as possible. As in the last years, a place near the entrance of the \( \pi E3 \) area is sufficient for our purpose.

Laboratory space is requested for most of the work in the direct preparation of the experiment. This would be best situated in the ``Montagehalle'' near the stand for the cyclotron trap. In case no new room could be found we would for some time be satisfied with space in the room WMHA/B24.

Pionic Hydrogen Collaboration