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Technical support

The help of a technician is needed in the preparatory stage of the experiment and also during the running time. His work is mostly devoted to the preparation especially of the ECR measurements and later on to the mechanical changes around and inside the cyclotron trap as the optimization of the form iron and the fabrication and testing of high pressure targets and the gas supply system. In addition changes of the mechanics of the CCD detector are also a part of the duties of the PSI technician. This request represents a smooth continuation of the present situation. During the setting up of the experiment at the pion channel the different collaboration partners will put additional technical help at the disposal of the experiment.

Also the support of the magnet group at PSI is asked for on the level of one person-one month for the years 1998-1999 in order to set up the strong focussing shimming by doing 3-dimensional magnet calculations.

Pionic Hydrogen Collaboration